The Metropolitan Police has had strong links with Hong Kong since 1844 when Inspector Charles May & Sergeants Thomas Smithers & Hugh MacGregor made the long sea voyage to the Far East to establish the Hong Kong Constabulary.   But Hong Kong was not the only “exotic” country to benefit from the experience of Metropolitan Police officers.

What of its immediate neighbour – China?  Many Met. officers journeyed to the “Paris of the East” to join the Shanghai Municipal Police & Shanghai River Police.  Lowly constables from the Met. established the Mounted Legation Escort at Peking and an officer from the Met. became Chief of the Tientsin Police.

If we look a little further afield we find that the Metropolitan Police sent officers to India in 1863 to re-organise the police force there.  Officers were seconded to Warsaw in 1862 and volunteers for Labuan (Malaysia) were called for in 1870.  Add to these recruits to the British Colonial Police Forces in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, South Pacific and the Mediterranean and you will see that the tentacles of the Metropolitan Police have reached far and wide.

If you are looking for somebody to research your Colonial Police ancestor in some far flung land or your Metropolitan Police ancestor in the leafy suburbs of London then please contact me.  Having spent many years working within the Metropolitan Police Archives at New Scotland Yard I have a wealth of experience. I am on the list of recommended researchers at The Metropolitan Police Historical Collection and at The National Archives.  I am also a member of AGRA.

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