I have recently returned from another wonderful trip to Hong Kong when, needless to say, a considerable amount of my time was spent within the Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley.  On this trip I managed to photograph most of the gravestones so now I have some 7000 images to incorporate into my collection !  Naturally many of the headstones have weathered over the years and the inscriptions are rarely crisp and clean but even a faded name can glow like a beacon and light up the world if it is your grandfather or perhaps your great grandmother.  I also spent time searching out other sources which would help in establishing details of persons who were buried in the Hong Kong Cemetery but who have no headstones at all.  Approximately 50% of the persons buried had stones erected in their memory but the other 50% lay almost forgotten.  Fortunately, over the years, I have indexed and cross referenced material from a wide variety of sources and I now have details for 95 – 99% of the burials which took place within the former Colonial Cemetery Hong Kong.  There are gaps in official sources and it is not known whether the “lost” Hong Kong Burial Registers will ever come to light.  I will certainly keep searching – just in case they did not get destroyed during the Japanese Occupation.  In my own mind I feel certain that they are lying undiscovered in some forgotten store cupboard in Hong Kong.  Perhaps one day they will see the light of day again !! 

If you think one of your ancestors might have died and been buried in Hong Kong please contact me.  Even if he or she does not appear on other lists that you may have consulted there is still a VERY good chance of finding their lasting resting place. Perhaps they are amongst the 50% who do not have headstones in their memory.

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